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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Property

The STR Manager was started by Founder & Managing Partner, Derek McMonagle, back in 2020 in the middle of a world-wide pandemic. Derek fell in love with property management when he quickly found out that he could combine his passion for building relationships and creating a Disney-world class experience for all of his clients.


Through the combination of building these relationships and curating a world class experience, The STR Manager started with just 1 property in the middle of the COVID pandemic, and now actively manages and operates 50+ vacation rentals between Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Georgia!


Our Story

In 2019, our Founder, Derek McMonagle, was lost, unemployed, and had no direction, until a cold email reached his inbox from an Airbnb property management company called Makomi. Long story short, Derek began working in the vacation rental property management space as a sales consultant, and soon fell in love with the industry!

Derek and the team at Makomi had grown to managing 300+ properties throughout the East coast, and quickly became a legit player in the industry.

Unfortunately, as March 2020 moved in slowly, Makomi became a statistic as one of the amazing companies that had to shut their doors due to the state of the travel and hospitality industry during this time. 

Once Makomi shut down, Derek knew his impact in the industry wasn't over. After sitting down with the CEO and Founder of Makomi, Derek decided to go all in and start up his own shop. In December of 2020, The STR Manager was born and Derek set out to curate the Disney-world experience he strives to provide for each one of his clients and every guest that stays at one of our properties. 

We look forward to hearing more about your property and learning about your story and how we can help you manage your property!

Our Partners

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